We’ve heard you Polyco now represents all plastic packaging types under mandatory EPR, answering the challenge that many producers expressed about having to belong to multiple PRO’s. We are now a one-stop-shop for all plastic packaging types, increasing our support to producers, retailers and brand owners under EPR. JOIN POLYCO Register to become a member On the 5th May 2021, the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment (DFFE) published the final section 18 Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Regulations for the paper and packaging industry, electrical and electronic industry and lighting industry in Government Gazette 44539. Industry Update Final published Gazetted section 18 Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Regulations IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Click here to read more
Introducing POLYCO
Who is Polyco

Polyco (Plastics Responsibility Organisation NPC) is a non-profit company focused on making waste a valuable resource that works for our economy. We aim to grow the collection and recycling of plastic packaging in South Africa, to promote the responsible use and reuse of this plastic packaging and to end plastic waste in the environment.

Our Work

Polyco is focused on three key strategic pillars – we invest in recycling innovation for new end use market development, recycling infrastructure for capacity building and efficiency and recycling education and awareness in South Africa and we collaborate with multiple stakeholders to achieve success in these areas.

Polyco is funded by our members, who contribute to recycling in South Africa.



R72.8 Million

available for project funding in South Africa



jobs created


118 000

tonnes, contributed to

growing the plastics recycling industry

through Polyco invested projects




Polyco invested projects

championing positive change

within the plastics recycling industry in South Africa


the national footprint of the innovative collection business


to nine units and developed the


pop up model


Million+ Plastic Recycling Revolution

campaign with consumers across South Africa


Join Polyco

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Polyco’s Good Standing Members

Thank you for advocating positive change within the plastics industry

  •  Abbott Labratories PTY (LTD) – Nutrition
  •  Acron Plastics (Pty) Ltd
  •  Adwill Packaging (Pty) Ltd
  •  Adwill Plastics (Pty) Ltd
  •  Afgri Feeds
  •  Afripack Consumer Flexibles (Pty) Ltd – Mobeni
  •  Afripack Consumer Flexibles (Pty) Ltd – Pinetown
  •  Afrique Pet Food
  •  ALPLA Packaging SA (Pty) Ltd t/a BSSHD
  •  ALPLA Packaging SA (Pty) Ltd t/a Isando
  •  Amway South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  •  Arengo Plastics (Pty) Ltd
  •  Astrapak Manufacturing Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  •  Axiz (Pty) Ltd.
  •  Barloworld Logistics
  •  Barrier Film Converters (Pty) Ltd
  •  Bellton Trading 20 CC t/a Bell-pak
  •  Belgotex Flooring (Pty) Ltd
  •  Bliss Brands (Pty) Ltd
  •  Blomo Plastics (Pty) Ltd
  •  Canway
  •  Cape Herb and Spice
  •  Cape Olive Products
  •  Castelco CC
  •  CHC Global
  •  Chemlog
  •  Chespak (Pty) Ltd
  •  Chill Beverages
  •  Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  •  Consupaq A division of Astrapak Manufacturing Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  •  Crede Oils (Pty) Ltd
  •  CTP Flexibles a division of CTP Limited
  •  Dargle Water (Pty) Ltd
  •  Detpak SA
  •  DGB (Pty) Ltd
  •  East Rand Plastics (Pty) Ltd
  •  Echa Plastic Products (Pty) Ltd
  •  Ekhamanzi Springs (Pty) Ltd
  •  Elizabeth Arden (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd
  •  EMAS (Pty) Ltd t/a Plastic Bubbles
  •  Environ Skincare (Pty) Ltd
  •  Engen Petroleum Limited
  •  Estee Lauder Companies South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  •  Extruform (Pty) Ltd
  •  Ferrero Ithemba RSA (Pty) Ltd
  •  Ferrero South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  •  Fluidra Waterlinx (Pty) Ltd
  •  FME Flexibles (Pty) Ltd
  •  Foster International Packaging (Pty) Ltd
  •  GDK Marketing Agencies CC
  •  Geiger & Klotzb?cher (Pty) Ltd
  •  Gerber Fresh (Pty) Ltd
  •  Goldpack
  •  H U L International (Pty) Ltd
  •  Hirt & Carter
  •  HP South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  •  Huhtamaki SA (Pty) Ltd
  •  Imvusa Trading 1310 CC t/a Bagmaster CC
  •  In2Food Group
  •  Innovation Shrink
  •  iNova Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd
  •  Insimbi Alloy Supplies (Pty) Ltd
  •  Insimbi Plastics (Pty) Ltd
  •  International Trimmings and Labels SA (Pty) Ltd
  •  ISO Moulders a division of Southey Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  •  Isolite Cornice Moulding (Pty) Ltd t/a Hebcooler Manufacturing
  •  Isowall Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
  •  It’s Packed
  •  Jansons Trading
  •  JJ Precision A division of Astrapak Manufacturing Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  •  Joya Brands (Pty) Ltd
  •  Kaap Agri (Pty) Ltd
  •  Kaymac/Kaytech
  •  Kealmeca Products (Pty) Ltd
  •  Kingsley Beverage (Pty) Ltd
  •  L P Agencies (Pty) Ltd
  •  Lauviv (Pty) LTd t/a Indezi River Creamery
  •  Lovell Industrial Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  •  Lydtoy Beleggings
  •  Marcom Plastics A division of Astrapak Manufacturing Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  •  Marico South Africa
  •  MCG Industries (Pty) Ltd
  •  Milkman’s Choice
  •  Minnies Food Enterprise (Pty) Ltd
  •  Montagu Foods  a division of Libstar Operations (Pty) Ltd
  •  Montego Pet Nutrition
  •  Mpact Operations (Pty) Ltd t/a Mpact Versapak
  •  Mpact Plastics Pinetown
  •  Nampak Closures
  •  Nampak Rigids
  •  Nampak Rigids – Megapak Pinetown
  •  Nampak Tubes
  •  Neo Polypack CC
  •  Nestle South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  •  New Clicks South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  •  Nike South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  •  NNZ The Packaging Network (Pty) Ltd
  •  Novaflex (Pty) Ltd
  •  Nuclear Packaging (Pty) Ltd
  •  Oasis Water (Pty) Ltd
  •  Optoplast
  •  Oracle Plastics
  •  Orange River Cellars
  •  Organic Aloe (Pty) Ltd
  •  Pakpal (Pty) Ltd
  •  Patagon Flex Plastic
  •  Peninsula Beverages
  •  Peninsula Packaging A division of Master Plastics (Pty) Ltd
  •  Pharmacare Ltd t/a Aspen Pharmacare
  •  Pinnacle Micro (Pty) Ltd
  •  Packaging Centre Midrand (Pty) Ltd
  •  Pak2000 A division of Astrapak Manufacturing Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  •  PlasLantic (Pty) Ltd
  •  Plastic Packaging Cape (Pty) Ltd
  •  Plastform A division of Astrapak Manufacturing Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  •  Plastop A division of Astrapak Manufacturing Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  •  Polyoak Packaging (Pty) Ltd – Cape Town
  •  Polyoak Packaging (Pty) Ltd – East London
  •  Polyoak Packaging (Pty) Ltd – Gauteng
  •  Polyoak Packaging (Pty) Ltd – KZN
  •  Polywrap (Pty) Ltd
  •  Precision Plastics
  •  Pref-Pak Plastics
  •  Premier Fishing SA (Pty) Ltd
  •  Primal Plastics CC
  •  Primetek Products (Pty) Ltd
  •  Rancent Trading CC t/a Siyakha Imperial Printing
  •  Red Bull South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  •  Reka Trade 1242 CC
  •  Reviva Technology t/a Bounty Brands
  •  Revlon South Africa (Pty) Ltd
  •  Rialto A division of Libstar Operations (Pty) Ltd
  •  Rieses Food Imports (Pty) Ltd
  •  Rolfes Agri
  •  Rolfes Leather
  •  S A Greetings (Pty) Ltd
  •  Safripol (Pty) Ltd
  •  Sanwyn Enterprises (Pty) Ltd
  •  Sasol South Africa Limited
  •  Serioplast South Africa
  •  Siemstech Packaging Solutions (Pty) Ltd
  •  Soapreme Clean
  •  Sondor Industries (Pty) Ltd
  •  Split Line Manufacturing CC
  •  SteriTech
  •  Superior Packaging Industries (Pty) Ltd
  •  Superthene (Pty) Ltd
  •  T3 Plastic Packaging
  •  TC Direct
  •  Technopol SA (Pty) Ltd
  •  The South African Breweries (Pty) Ltd
  •  Thermopac A division of Astrapak Manufacturing Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  •  Total Plastics CC
  •  Tuffy Brands (Pty) Ltd
  •  Tuffy Promotions (Pty) Ltd
  •  Umatie (Pty) Ltd
  •  Universal Paper and Plastics (BOP) (Pty) Ltd
  •  Vitatex (Pty) Ltd
  •  Volume Injection Products (Pty) Ltd
  •  Waltloo Plastics CC
  •  Wang on Fibres (Pty) Ltd
  •  Weneer Plastics (Pty) Ltd
  •  Wilsam (Pty) Ltd
  •  Woolworths (Pty) Ltd
  •  Zylem (Pty) Ltd
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