Polyco, supported by the major plastic packaging converters in South Africa, has been established specifically to promote and grow the collection and recycling of post-consumer PP, HDPE, LDPE and Multi-layer packaging materials as required of this industry sector in terms of its obligations under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). This is a bold step towards an inclusive and environmentally sustainable future.

Polyco has members and associate members. Our members are the visionary companies who pay the voluntary polyolefin levy and contribute to polyolefin recycling in South Africa. Our associate members comprise of companies who share Polycos vision of ending plastic waste in the environment.

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Industry member support

Industry member support allows Polyco to contribute to the following :


Enhanced protection of the environment through the growth in the collection and recycling of post-consumer PP, HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE packaging materials.


Diversion of post-consumer
polyolefins from landfill, which saves valuable land used for this purpose.


Creating thousands of income
earning opportunities and jobs
through recycling projects, as well
as growth in the industry.


Investments in infrastructure and innovation, which are needed to stimulate the demand for recycled polyolefins that can be made into thousands of new and useful products.


Education of the S.A population
to understand the importance of recycling and create awareness of the value of packaging waste.

Benefits of membership

    • You are displaying commitment to extended producer responsibility as mandated in the NEMWA (2008).

    • You will have a direct influence over the affairs of the polyolefin industry with regards to its recycling and sustainability efforts.

    • Your membership allows for and demonstrates a commitment to self-regulation in the polyolefin industry.

Besides the above, the operations of Polyco form a visible part of responsible circular and green economic thinking.

What do members contribute?

Members pay an EPR levy per tonne of polyolefin supplied, purchased or imported, so as to fulfill their role of extended producer responsibility for the following materials :

High-density polyethylene

Low-density polyethylene

Linear low-density polyethylene

Polypropylene (copo and homo)

(Multi layer materials )

The EPR levy is R135 per tonne of polymer.


Plastics are too valuable to throw away. The SA Plastics recycling industry is highly motivated by the challenge to recycle more. Our targets are ambitious, but essential, if we are to achieve the vision of minimising the amount of plastic sent to landfill.

Jeremy Mackintosh, Group Managing Director Polyoak Packaging (Pty) Ltd and Polyco Chairman


Polyco’s valued members

Behind Polyco’s many accomplishments is a group of committed companies and individuals who deserve recognition. We express our appreciation to our Members and Supporters for their continued support in growing Polyco’s presence and success.

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