Polyco provides financial funding support to the polyolefin recycling industry value chain. This provides for the investment in infrastructure that is necessary to grow the collections, recycling, recovery or beneficiation of polyolefin plastics.

How to apply for funding

Funding applications – now closed

We are funded through a voluntary recycling levy of R110 per ton of polyolefin polymer purchased by packaging converters from international or local suppliers (Sasol and Safripol). Funds are invested into established polyolefin collection and recycling projects as once-off grants or interest-free loans that have to be paid back within 3 years. The money that is repaid is reinvested into new recycling initiatives, creating an effective and efficient self-sustaining business model. See Funding Model here.

Polyco’s existence demonstrates the polyolefin plastics industry’s active commitment to government expectations in terms of sustainability. It also furthers the polyolefin industry’s own long-term strategic sustainability interests by creating an organised and committed network of polyolefin collectors, packaging converters and recyclers.

Our activities include, amongst others: project support investment for collectors and recyclers, new membership drives, packaging clean-up campaigns, brand owner recycling support projects and consumer education and awareness campaigns.

Polyco is optimistic that, even though it is still a relatively young organisation, it is on the right track to impact positively on polyolefin recycling rates and aims to achieve a recycling rate in South Africa of 35% (or 234 000 tons) out of a total market of 670 000 tons by 2020.


to achieve a collection
rate of 35% by 2020

Polyco’s goal is to achieve a recycling rate of polyolefin plastic packaging in South Africa of 35% (or 234 000 tons) out of a total market of 670 000 tons by 2020. Recycling volumes have to grow an additional 283 000 tonnes in excess of current volumes to meet the 2020 target.

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Polyco’s 10 key areas of focus

    • Becoming the authoritative voice of post-consumer polyolefin recycling in South Africa.
    • Demonstrating industry commitment to sustainable development, and to government’s policies of waste management, minimisation and recycling.
    • Collecting and administering recycling levies from polyolefin converters and importers in South Africa
    • Working towards polyolefin recycling targets motivated in the Paper and Packaging Industry Waste Management Plan.
    • Promoting recycling efficiency in the production, design, conversion, collection and recycling of polyolefins.

    • Ensuring participation in its activities by all entities in the polyolefin value chain.
    • Communicating convenient collection points/drop-off centres in all major urban areas.
    • Initiating and participating in environmental education and awareness campaigns.
    • Monitoring accomplishments; ensuring accountability to stakeholders through clear performance indicators.
    • Ensuring best practice in recycling by engaging with research bodies; developing alternative production input materials based on renewable resources.