The POLYCO goals and principles are in line with the internationally-recognised principle of extended producer responsibility.  This is also stressed by the South African Government, which requires industries actively to recycle their products as per the Waste Management Act and the requirements of the Industry Waste Management Plan for Paper and Packaging (IWMP).

POLYCO ‘s mission is to minimise the environmental impact of post-consumer polyolefins on the South African landscape by :

Achieving sustainable growth in
polyolefin plastic recycling

Supporting existing polyolefin collection and recycling networks, and encouraging new ones

Promoting consumer awareness through communication and education


    • Becoming the authoritative voice of post-consumer polyolefin recycling in South Africa.
    • Demonstrating industry commitment to sustainable development, and to government’s policies of waste management, minimisation and recycling.
    • Collecting and administering voluntary recycling levies from polyolefin converters and importers in South Africa
    • Working towards polyolefin recycling targets motivated in the Paper and Packaging Industry Waste Management Plan.
    • Promoting recycling efficiency in the production, design, conversion, collection and recycling of polyolefins.

    • Ensuring participation in its activities by all entities in the polyolefin value chain.
    • Establishing convenient collection points/drop-off centres in all major urban areas.
    • Initiating and participating in environmental education and awareness campaigns.
    • Monitor accomplishments; ensuring accountability to stakeholders through clear performance indicators.
    • Ensuring best practice in recycling by engaging with research bodies; developing alternative production input materials based on renewable resources.

Historic and recent polyolefin recycling rates show the difference that Polyco is already making :

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