September 27, 2016 2015 Projects No Comments

This family-run business is one of the largest collectors and recyclers of plastics in the Western Cape. Based in Parow, they pride themselves in running a successful operation that delivers a consistent quality of products and services, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

They saw the need to improve the sorting equipment in the collection side of their operations to ensure a better quality feedstock is going into their recycling operation. In addition, they have upgraded the water treatment system in their recycling plant and have also invested in testing equipment to further improve the final product going to their clients.

Thanks to POLYCO’s funding, they were able to achieve these goals.

“It is becoming vitally important for recyclers to invest in testing equipment if they want to remain competitive and ensure the future success of the industry. Thanks to the funding made available by POLYCO, we are now able to be more professional in our approach,” says Fred Cheetham of APR.

Written by p0li--iCou_adm