August 31, 2016 Heart of Waste No Comments

Recycled plastics – especially polyolefin materials – should not be treated like waste without further use. Quite the contrary – it is a useful resource that gets turned back into useful items and provides jobs.’
– Mandy Naudé – CEO, Polyco


We at POLYCO are always on the lookout for interesting stories that relate to our activities. Some of those you will find on our Facebook page or in our PR section.

However, some events such that we want to talk about them more informally. Those are the stories that you will find here time to time. Here, we will share stories about our partners, projects and other POLYCO initiatives and other events that are important in the field of polyolefin recycling and re-use. We will look at the special people from all walks of life who participate in the processes that help to make us successful, and that illustrate what can be done to protect our environment and make our living spaces better places to be if we work together – among others by recycling plastics and other materials.

Also look out for some notes and general thoughts about recycling from the desks of our management and occasional guest bloggers. We welcome ideas, comments and questions in this regard.

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Written by Polyco