August 24, 2016 2014 Projects No Comments

Recently re-launched and re-branded Verigreen, (previously known as Izaka Plastics), is a 100 % vertically integrated collector, recycler and product manufacturer of polyolefin drawstring bags. Verigreen has launched their Supa Mama project, whereby they plan to empower the woman breadwinners in the family to be able to earn a living wage, through the collection of polyolefin packaging. With POLYCO’s support, Verigreen will be fitting cages to their trucks to maximize the collections from their Supa Mama network of collectors.

“POLYCO’s funding will enable us to grow the network and bring us closer to our goal of empowering more than 500 “Mamas”.  We envision that the branded trucks will be like moving billboards that helps us to spread the message of how we are empowering women and helping communities in the process,” says Thina Maziya of Verigreen.

Written by Polyco