Vavi and Cris Vassarotti of Italian Plastics Technologies with Mandy Naude of POLYCO
August 24, 2016 2014 Projects No Comments

Based in Gauteng, this recycler of difficult to recycle waste has been in operation for over 17 years. In order to meet the growth in customer demand, they need improved shredding and washing facilities, and POLYCO’s funding will go a long way towards assisting them to achieve this goal. Cris Vassarotti of Italian Plastics Technologies says, “receiving POLYCO’s funding is fantastic, they are to be greatly applauded for assisting recyclers financially in the bid to reduce waste-to-landfill and keep South Africa clean.  In Italy there has always been various funding given to recyclers as it is a tough and expensive business. So I am very happy that POLYCO has seen that this is needed in South Africa. We will be buying two machines, which will hopefully bring down the energy use in the recycling process by at least 50kw per hour.  A big saving!”

Written by Polyco